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Hit the road with comfort: Introducing the Red Clay Rally Adventure Pillow!

This isn't your average, uncomfortable camp pillow. The Red Clay Rally Adventure Pillow is built for adventure, offering a perfect blend of size and support (12in x 20in) that puts other tiny camp pillows to shame.

Imagine snuggling into your tent or sleeping bag with the luxurious, linen-like feel of the Red Clay Rally Pillow. Reversible design lets you choose between a light and topographic look or a sleek, dark colorway to match your tent's vibe.

Safety and comfort first: All Red Clay Rally pillows are made with OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics, guaranteed to be non-hazardous. Plus, the pillow features a hand-washable, removable insert that keeps its shape, no matter how many adventures you take it on.

Get ready for restful sleep, wherever the road takes you, with the Red Clay Rally camp pillow.

Red Clay Rally Adventure Pillow

SKU: 66145EEA1DA7B_7907
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