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Red Clay Rally

Puts in work.

RCR participants have spent countless hours removing trash, repairing damaged trails, and reclaiming forgotten ones. Rally rats leave Appalachia better than when we found it, and that's how we like it. Motor based adventure is the backbone of what we do and RCR participants take pride in knowing we do our part in keeping trails clean. Please take a second to appreciate the work participants have done to make our trails amazing.


3950 LBS

... of trash and debris have been removed and weighed, and we didn't start weighing until year 3! Participants have found mountains of household trash, car hoods, tires, and used oil. But it doesn't stop there, we have even seen engine blocks and rear ends rolling into camp. 


...with local governments and private organizations ensure our final trash weight is tallied accurately and removed from our campsite, thus leaving Appalachia beautiful for generations to come.

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