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Clinch Combat Challenge

Invest in yourself.

level-up and enter a new challenge dedicated to strengthening individual accountability, enhancing marksmanship, and solidifying your team's orienteering ability in topographically challenging environments. this event rewards resolve and exposes participants to beautiful Appalachian terrain. a challenge any determined individual can finish.

What is C3


3 day team raft/ruck/markmanship challenge that includes:​

30 mile float

20 mile hike

shooting to 400 yds

all-inclusive campsites

high-angle marksmanship challenges

steep elevation changes

team orienteering

night vision basics (Available)

advanced night vision (available)


Plate Carrier & Ear Pro

this is a functional fitness inspired event that encourages men and women with good physical fitness and firearm proficiency enter. Kayaks and ammo needed to participate will be supplied by C3.. Ammo will be factory new and specifics will be released prior to the event with enough time for competitors to zero their rifles on that cartridge. no support/follow vehicles allowed. all teams will be self-sustaining carrying only their rucks. there will be water caches along the route. teams will need 3 days of food and initial water needs (teams will be led to water caches along route)

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