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Safety is our top priority

Every team shall carry the supplies necessary to provide care for teammates in the event of catastrophic injury. These kits shall be able to provide extended care to your teammate until proffessional emergency assistance can arrive. TEAMS SHOULD HAVE A GPS BEACON CAPABLE OF CONTACTING EMERGENCY SERVICES WITHOUT CELLULAR SIGNAL. THE AREAS WE TRAVERSE ARE REMOTE. teams should be comfortable applying a tourniquet in high-stress situations. Off-Roading is dangerous and your teams shall take the steps necessary to outfit yourselves with quality medical gear and training. all teams should be trained and prepared to administer medical aid without warning. we encourage our competitors to continue their education regarding emergency medical care even after rally.

Supplies every team needs with them:

  • 2 first aid kits in every truck.

  • 1 weeks worth of your medication

  • 1 Tourniquet per truck.

  • Emergency Blanket

  • Emergency light

  • GPS Rescue beacon 

  • 3 gallons of water per truck

  • UHF/VHF Radio

  • cell phone

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